We offer security and performance in a hosted environment through cloud technology. Data is stored in a professional level platform providing the confidence of high performance and continuous connectivity.


Security personnel monitor all security cameras, exit access points, guard building entrance and control key card access to elevators, floors and roof areas


The MiamiNap Data Center infrastructure offers a secure, reliable carrier-neutral facility with access to the world's leading carriers

MiamiNap is the Information Gateway to the Americas

Offering speed, security and performance in a hosted environment

The MiamiNap, inside the Nap of the Americas in Miami Florida, offers the best in secure Tier-4 datacenter, bandwidth and colocation. Our superior services are aimed at delivering the best hosting experience from one of the largest and most connected datacenters in the world. A unique state of the art facility designed from the ground up, the MiamiNAP is the datacenter of choice for customers who demand the highest levels of redundancy and reliability for their hardware, connectivity and data.

Switching the majority of South America, Central America and the Caribbean’s layer-1, layer-2 and layer-3 traffic bound to more than 148 countries in the world makes the MiamiNap the unrivaled gateway to the Americas.

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  • 100% AC Power SLA*
  • Tier-4 facility with N+2 power and cooling
  • 12 HiTEC Continuous Power Systems providing 10x better transfer rate than traditional battery-based UPS systems
  • 750,000 square foot data center
  • Category 5 hurricane proof


  • Fast connection speeds
  • Redundant power vaults fed from 2 independent substations
  • Dedicated 24/7 support teams
  • Best routes to South America and the Caribbean


  • Interior and exterior building surveillance
  • Key card and fingerprint access
  • Ramming bollards protected entrances and surround the building
  • Secure loading docks, man traps and roving armed security guards
  • Seven-inch thick steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels
  • First Datacenter floor built 32 feet above sea level

MiamiNAP offers security and performance from a world class Tier-IV Miami Data Center

High Speed Connectivity

As one of the largest and most connected data centers in the world, MiamiNap is rated as a Tier-IV carrier-neutral network facility. Located in the center of Miami, we are closely located to a host of telecommunications carriers, fiber loops, international cable landings, and multiple power grids. Miami has been ranked as one of the top-five best interconnected cities in the world, making it the only city in the U.S. where Optical, Ethernet, MPLS, Voice and Internet traffic is handed off in a single location. Via this massive network access point in Miami, we can deliver to millions of businesses and consumers virtually anywhere in the world any available service from any network service provider in the world.

MiamiNap’s Latin America data center was specifically built to accommodate global carriers, ISPs, large enterprises, and some of the world’s leading online websites. MiamiNap’s scalability allows you to grow within your existing footprint or expand into new space efficiently and effortlessly. With high speed connectivity and low-cost bandwidth, MiamiNap offers customers a reliable and continuous high quality hosting service that is tailored to their specific business needs.

* Requires A&B power feed