Network Connectivity

MiamiNap is considered to be one of the elite Tier-4 Network Access Points in the United States. It is a carrier-neutral facility that offers colocation, managed services and the latest in state of the art network technology. The MiamiNap platform is designed to be redundant in every way, and our bandwidth usage is constantly monitored by both internal and external entities to ensure superior service levels.

MiamiNap is one of the elite Tier-4 NAP’s in the United States.

MiamiNap constantly analyzes NetFlow information from our network routers. The results provide us with critical information and allow us to optimize and prioritize information from the network. MiamiNap maintains the highest level of support for our network hardware, and we have an emergency-response team that is dedicated to maintaining our network continuity.

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Here are a few reasons why we are considered to be an elite data center:

  • We are carrier-neutral;
  • Fifth Tier-IV Network Access Point in the World;
  • Located to serve The Americas & Caribbean;
  • Innovative Network Operation Center;
  • No single point of failure – we attain the five 9’s of reliability (99.999% uptime);
  • We are in the proximity of major carrier Points of Presence (POPs) and eight worldwide undersea cable landings;
  • Top industry preferred hardware;
  • Fully redundant switching network;
  • Automated fire suppression systems & advanced security systems
  • Redundant communications paths with 192 dedicated four inch conduits for fiber;
  • Our core Ethernet switching network is constructed with scalable architecture and a capacity to endure 100’s of millions of packets per-second.

Our advanced MiamiNap Network Monitoring is a crucial component in the success of our business and we ensure that our service levels are nothing but superior at all times. We rely on active and passive monitoring systems, and we test every hardware component connected to the network for high-speed quality, a stable environment and an uptime guarantee.

We invested in PRTG to allow us to gather information about our network in real-time, analyze potential problems, and pre-empt any potential disruption in service. We combine this with MRTG for aggregated reporting and RTG for archiving of SNMP counter data. Nagios is used for monitoring servers and services across the network.