At MiamiNap we focus on providing the fastest connectivity speeds and the latest technology at a competitive price. When you choose MiamiNap as your IT infrastructure provider you can rely on us to keep your data secure and allow you the peace-of-mind to focus on what’s important to you – growing your business.

Our premier network solutions are fully managed and secure – backed up by the best in industry standards. Our elite team of customer care experts and product engineers are ready to help you grow your business – every step of the way.

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colocation solutions


Colocate to a secure, redundant environment that eliminates the need for a costly infrastructure and expensive operational fees. Store your data in a professional level platform and benefit from our reliability, high performance, low latency, and 99.999% uptime.

Cloud Servers:

MiamiNap provides a secure, fully managed cloud server environment for companies that want a professional, enterprise-class online presence. MiamiNap allows for instant scalability to help compensate for the spikes in your traffic – and you pay only for the resources that are utilized.

Bandwidth & Connectivity:

By choosing MiamiNap carrier services for your bandwidth needs you will always be connected and utilize our high-speed connectivity to connect to the rest of the world. Our state of the art route optimization technology allocates your needs to the best-performing, most available track, allowing your company to benefit from continuous, high-speed connectivity.